Thursday, May 13, 2010

another man's pain is the other man's pleasure

Another man’s pain is others man’s pleasure
This statement is justified and is apt for this century. This is something that people do without fail that is to outsmart one and another in a race called life. This is a very special gift but is also possible to develop in time. In a place like India, overpopulation being the crux of all evils adds one more little evil that no one’s spots. The evil being competition. The evil of competition is so vast that in every corner you can see it.
A few examples
To get onto the train (no one see the benefit of the other)
To get on to the bus (here it is justified because of the time factor but the point is you will still overthrow a senior citizen to get on to the bus)
Buying tickets for a show
…………………………There are many more examples.
Competition has another side the side of spirit, acceptance which is yet to be seen in many people.

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