Thursday, May 13, 2010


The inevitable change
This is the most important phase of my life where I decide what I want to do and to choose between good and bad. I decide to let change affect me or I affect change. The change I go through could be metabolically, mentally and with respect to relationship. I, being in the first year of college decide to let love and laziness pull me down, but the point is to pull you back like the transformers. We have one life; you kill life or let it kill you. I let it kill me for a short span. I might have no experience in the field that I am trying to master but I sure have the knowledge accompanied by a little confidence which is my key.I wait and write my future without believing a meaningless term called destiny

another man's pain is the other man's pleasure

Another man’s pain is others man’s pleasure
This statement is justified and is apt for this century. This is something that people do without fail that is to outsmart one and another in a race called life. This is a very special gift but is also possible to develop in time. In a place like India, overpopulation being the crux of all evils adds one more little evil that no one’s spots. The evil being competition. The evil of competition is so vast that in every corner you can see it.
A few examples
To get onto the train (no one see the benefit of the other)
To get on to the bus (here it is justified because of the time factor but the point is you will still overthrow a senior citizen to get on to the bus)
Buying tickets for a show
…………………………There are many more examples.
Competition has another side the side of spirit, acceptance which is yet to be seen in many people.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

red to black-diffrent shades of power

The power vested upon me is something that I would not know of until I get power. These words I vaguely remember when the father of a wedding keeps repeating these very unwanted lines. Do people know what power means? Is power something that Hitler had or what Gandhi had?
I may not know off. I have heard and seen that people change when they have power and they become a complete isolated person after losing power. I can’t even imagine what Hitler would be without power maybe a little boy aspiring to do something and knowing his hatred towards the Jews would develop to a all new level, he did all these things because he had power. I could imagine him powerless sitting outside the bakery store with a vision of feeding hungry soul while his parents beg for bread during the times of war.
This comes to a conclusion that Hitler would not have been what he is thought to be if he had no power.
People should not cry for power they should do it if they are so certain that they are not going to succumb to the hungry scavengers waiting outside to feed on you and change you into you alter ego that you would not have wanted to awake in times grief or hatred.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The processof thinking could mean alot of things and i have found that through out my inexperienced life it offers you a bit.The whole fact of people thinking is very short lived.
the things that you ponder over dont actually make sense because half of what we think is very irrelevant.So this is what i do i just dont think and follow something that we have lost through our being on planet earth that is "your heart".
Your heart now is like becoming a vestigial organ but with a difference it beats so that you live.
So wake up
and i dont want you people to read this and start thinking so just let it flow.